Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas: The Season of Sharing, Giving, and in the Philippines, Over-Eating!

So far, I've been to 4 Christmas get-togethers this year, and there was an over-abundance of food at each one. At the latest one, I actually skipped eating altogether, because I had just come from another one that featured lots of Pinoy food (one standout: crunchy pork chop served on a bed of laing), a limbo-rocking MILF, an over-competitive Charader, and a sweetly generous friend. Those last three descriptions actually belong to just one lady. 

One of my favorite culture, food and travel writers, Tracey Santiago, recently asked me what our Noche Buena tradition was back home in Ozamiz. I was pleasantly surprised that she actually featured my brief writeup in her website. Thanks, Tracey! The other featured writers wrote very interesting pieces, and made me long for home, my childhood, and the food that I associate Christmas with. Thankfully, my parents are coming over for Christmas, as they always do, and I will be able to relive some of those memories with them and the rest of our family.

Over the next few days, I will share with you more Christmas food memories. What's yours?  


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