Sunday, November 11, 2012

Here's an opportunity for your photograph to be made part of the American Museum of National History

One great thing about being in New York is the nonstop opportunity to do a variety of activities. This is the city that never sleeps, after all.

Next week, the American Museum of Natural History is opening OUR GLOBAL KITCHEN: FOOD, NATURE, CULTURE, which should be interesting to foodies and historians. As described in the website, the exhibit seeks to address the following questions:

·       How does food reflect and influence culture and identity?
·       What’s the role of human ingenuity in shaping food – past, present, and future?
·       How does what we eat affect the planet?
·       Why is the diversity of food important?
·       What’s the role of food in human health?
·       How does our sense of taste affect our food choices?
Cool, right? Even cooler is the chance, whether you are in New York or not, to share your food photos and make these photos part of the Museum's collection. Through Instagram and hash tags, the Museum invites everyone to "share your celebrations of food with images of gatherings with family and friends or the food itself. Be creative-and feel free to embellish your photograph with words about what made the meal so special. Then post it on with hashtag #CelebrateFood. The photo may be featured in Our Global Kitchen or on Share as many as you like!"

I think an obvious choice for most Pinoys is lechon, but in my case, I am submitting this photo that I took in Ozamiz, when my cousins Yeye and Cosette gave me a step-by-step demo on how to prepare kinilaw, beloved amongst Bisayas to be eaten at a meal or with drinks.

How about you? What photo are you submitting?


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