Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Music That I Like

Back in the day - and I know this will age me, but who cares - l learned of new music two ways: from the radio and from my parents each time they came home from Cebu or Manila, bringing with them LPs and 45s of new music. Two songs stand out: The Theme from Love Story (Where Do I Begin) by Andy Williams and Barbra Streisand's "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?". Both beautiful, haunting songs, both from movies (the latter is from "The Happy Ending"). They stand out because I remember having to listen to these songs again and again while my parents and their barkada tried to take down the lyrics. The first song wasn't so tricky, but the second, with Barbra's nasal voice and special way of enunciating her lyrics, bogged them down, especially the lyric that goes, "And when you stand before the candles on your cake, oh, let me the one to hear the silent wish you make."

These days, I rely on my students and newspapers to learn about new music. Chief among these new singers is Laura Mvula. Her music has strong rhythms, she looks singular, her voice is strong, and her music bear a strong message. Take a look at That's All Right. 

The second singer I heard about recently is Jessie Ware. Less "message-y," but still a captivating singer.

The one I like of these new singers is Lianne La Havas. She reminds me a bit of Cassandra Wilson: a deep female voice overflowing with energy and power. Give her Is Your Love Big Enough a listen.



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