Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(Belated) Happy Birthday, Jose P. Rizal

I feel so dumb. I missed this important date.

I always pay tribute to Rizal, by quoting my favorite passage from his book, Noli Me Tangere. These words are spoken by Crisostomo Ibarra in Chapter 3:

“…I noted that a people’s prosperity or misery lay in direct proportion to its freedoms or its inhibitions and, along the same lines, of the sacrifice or selfishness of its ancestors.”

If you haven't read the Noli yet, read it. If you have, re-read it. Once you get over the stodgy language and focus on the story and message, it will be a breeze, and more important, an eye-opener. PowerBooks has a good Penguin edition, translated by Harold Augenbraum, which is also available as a Kindle e-book.

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Who started this trend? Where did this start? When? Researched online but nothing came up, only what it is about.

Never thought of joining this trend, until yesterday. I was collating videos and photos from the Centennial of the UP College of Law, which will be placed in a time capsule in the Malcolm Walk. In the process, I came across some interesting old photos.

So, here's my contribution to #ThrowbackThursday:

This was way back in the day when I was still an active Manila Jaycee. I went to Luneta's Chinese Garden to support the project of Vernes Go and Jeff Lao's Baby Jaycee Group. Here with us are guests from the Macajalar Jaycees. I did not reset the date on my camera, and I'm sure this was not taken on January 1, 1998. Vernes? Any leads? 

Solar powered cell phone charging stations? YES!

I was at a mall recently to have my Mom's 8-year-old Nokia fixed. No, she doesn't want a new one because then she's have to learn a new set of keystrokes. Besides, newer phones don't have the ring tones (!) that she likes and is familiar with. Her phone has gone through so many case changes, fixes, etc., but she will not budge and change it. So we've had it fixed again and again.

Anyhow, I was at a mall and while waiting for my Mom's phone to be fixed, I noticed that my own was running low on power, so I asked the repair guy if I could charge my phone. He pointed me to the saleslady in the stall he was sharing space with, so I asked if I could charge my phone, and she said, "Twenty pesos po." Very enterprising.

Which is why when I saw this news article (, I just had to share it.

I wonder if this is expensive because this would be totally cool and helpful for us.

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What a hairy way to repel attention!

Dear Female Reader,

What say you? Would you actually wear stockings like these, just so you don't seem attractive to guys? The article says that these stockings are "essential for young girls going out." But don't all girls who go out primp and make themselves pretty first? 

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If you like to eat well, live well, listen well and have the patience to go through my kilometric but hopefully entertaining blogs, then this is the page for you. I chose EATERSHIP because it sounds like "leadership," and because if you jumble it up, it could also read "hip eaters." Eat and read on!