Monday, February 26, 2007


“A la pobre” – Philippine contribution to the world of culinary terms. Loosely based on the term “au poivre” which literally means “peppered with pepper,” this term denotes food encrusted in pepper then grilled or pan-fried, most popularly used, as in “steak au poivre.” We have adapted this term to “a la pobre” which is not to say that food is cooked the way jologs cook their bangus or steak (HELLO!) but rather, food that is peppered with toasted garlic. Hooray for Pinoy ingenuity!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure of this information? I myself have wondered about its etymology. Is it a bastardization of the French "steak (biftek) au poivre", or is it a Philippine original to denote the poorman's steak?

I just read that it's actually the latter-- or so a restaurant owner claims. Check out:

eatership said...

I would like to think that it is a bastardization of the French term. After all, poor people did/do not eat beef.


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