Saturday, March 3, 2012


Our Manila-Narita flight was delayed because of some technical stuff, but the flight to Tokyo was good. We got in Narita just in time for our connecting flight to JFK, but left me with no time to eat ramen at the airport cafeterias. Although not as good as city stalls, still better - understandably so because of access to better ingredients - than most of the Japanese ramen places in Manila. 

Bowls of ramen were calling out to me...but my flight was being called already (Image from
The Delta crew were surprisingly, nice. My well-travelled friend Randy Manaloto had warned me that the US leg of a Delta flight can be bad because of how American flight attendants treat passengers. Thankfully, this didn't happen to me on this trip. What just bummed me on this trip was the turbulence flying out of Narita and flying into JFK. Harrowing. With shrieks from some passengers. And a delay in the meal service.

The bad part of the flight: the movie service. Movies were projected on common screens with poor resolution (the one in front of me had a green cast to it), and the sound coming from my earphones was really bad. After travelling on Asiana and Cathay Pacific on my other U.S. trips - with amazing in-flight electronics - this was really a bummer.
This Delta economy cabin... (Image from

This Cathay Pacific cabin (Image from

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