Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Blog Feature - Funny Pics From All Over

To the readers of this blog who are also my facebook friends, you may be familiar with one of my photo albums, which features pictures that I have taken or come across which have some funny element in them, usually the text found in the pictures. Since this album seems to have become a favorite on my facebook account, I would like to include the same in this blog.

Let me start with this picture which I took yesterday, June 5, 2012, at a Divisoria mall's food court. I really love how we Pinoys come up with such punny shop signs.

Another picture is this billboard advertising the new cologne from Richard Gutierrez. It's from Bench, and I am amazed at how jejemon the copy is, and confusing as well. How is the brand to be read? GUTZ AND GLORY, as in guts and glory, or GUTZ AND GLORY, as in GUTierreZ and GLORY? If Richard is the GUTZ, who is Glory?

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