Monday, December 23, 2013


We had such fun doing this! 

Luna and her cameo

Lito Perez helping Grace Soong for her closeup

A Portrait of Dorian Gemora

This is the most pensive I've ever seen Freddie  
Adorning the stairway with conch shells is still done up to now  

Lito used old and new for our table ware 

This steamed vegetable dish (with ripe mango) was such a treat 
This is an heirloom recipe from Mike Santos' grandmother

Adobo is commonplace but when cooked with turmeric, assumes a new flavor

The remains of the pig

Chocolate e(speso) and Taal suman

Organic banana chips top a gatas kalabaw ice cream and buko pandan confection 

Happy diners all!

The smaller of the two dining rooms of Villa Tortuga 

I really like this display of old sari-sari store jars and ice shaver

Not so old goblets, but still adds a whimsical touch to the table


The window of the studio

Villa Tortuga, entero

This is the ruins of an old house, now used as a garage

I haven't seen solihiya making in a long time. This lady
said it will take her 5 days to cane this bed

Yep. That's an Andy Warhol. In a Philippine antique shop

Grace doing her best Linda Blair in prison impression

Can someone explain why this style of furniture is called Ambassador Chairs? 

Sunka. I miss Lola Tasya.

A dress once worn by Marcela Agoncillo

Kitchen implements of yore

Asan si Adan?

Row upon row of old houses


This guy is not into hats.

No really, he isn't

Nope, they're not self-absorbed

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