Monday, January 6, 2014


So I wake up this morning in a really good mood. I had a good night's sleep, after having had dinner with old friends, and a few beers afterwards. My trip to work was pleasant, not too many people on the MRT, and no armpits crushed against my face. Part of my morning plan was to pay my Globe bill at their business center in SM Makati, because it does not get very crowded. The staff is surly and impersonal, but, that's Globe for you.

So I got to Globe, and the security guard at the door greets me a good morning politely. My turn is called and the cashier doesn't greet me, or bothers to look up, and I hand my payment slip to her. Without looking up, she mumbles the amount I need to pay and I toss (yes, I tossed) my credit card to her, to see if she would snap at it the way a hungry hyena would when tossed some meat. No reaction. She proceeds to print out the credit card receipt, hands it to me, still without looking up or saying anything. I swear, she was robotic. After I sign the receipt, I tossed it again at her, still, no reaction. It was amazingly disturbing. At this point, I could not take any more, so I said, "I'd like to speak to your OIC after this transaction." Still no reaction. So I asked, "Did you hear what I asked you to do?" She just nods her head. After I get my receipt from her, she stands up and fetches the OIC.

I reported what had just happened, ending with the question of how long the cashier was employed (1 year) and whether Globe had a customer care program (yes). And yet, the rude and impersonal behavior from that cashier.

This behavior is not isolated as far as Globe is concerned. I've transacted at their Greenhills, SM Megamall, Greenbelt and Shangrila branches and it's all consistent: impersonal treatment bordering on the, or outrightly rude. When I berated the OIC this morning for the behavior of the cashier, he kept on apologizing, and when I pointed out that the cashier did not even apologize, she robotically apologized.

Is this Globe's culture?


The cashier's name is MAYLA A. MALCO and the OIC's is ISAIAH JAVIER. Shame on both of you.

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