Monday, August 15, 2011


On August 10, 2011, I wrote this blog in reaction to how Globe's employees at their Business Center at the Shangrila Mall had disrespected the Lupang Hinirang by chatting and remaining seated while it was playing. I complained to Globe's OIC, Ms. Gladys Rojas, who said she would elevate the matter to her manager. Based on my past history with Globe and writing letters to them, I had given up on this and thought this was a hopeless case and a lost cause.

Surprise of surprises, Globe proved me wrong.

I called Ms. Rojas on another matter today, and after dealing with that, she reported that after her report, a staff meeting was called and a text blast was made to all Globe employees about the proper decorum when the Lupang Hinirang. This was really a bright update to this day.

I'm happy that Globe did the right thing. And I'm happy I stood up as a Pinoy. We all should. After all, the flag and our national anthem are symbols of our nation and of us. We should not let anyone disrespect these symbols.

Mabuhay and Pilipino! 


Jasper Greek Lao Golangco said...

Good evening po, Pres!
I'm glad to hear about your recent positive experience with Globe.
I, however, do not.
I have been a very loyal Globe subscriber. A whole 15 years worth of loyalty, in fact. So much so that i was honored to have been among the very first Platinum members of Globe, and carrying back then their highest post-paid subscription. I've always held on that Platinum membership as a source of pride, and I have never before tried switching to any network, not even once. The quality of Globe's service was top-notch, i trumpetted such, and i also trumpetted their Platinum Club as a sold manifestation of their for their loyal subscribers. I actually maintain three plans to my name in addition to what i use. One is for my wife, another issued to one of my office staff.
Then came Globe Duo. Or more specifically, Super Duo, which caused my monthly Globe billings to drop drastically. I was impressed and rather elated.
Then one day, I received a letter from Globe stating that my monthly billings no longer qualified me for their Platinum membership, unless I upgraded my plan.
I wasn't devastated, but I was certainly shocked. I was surprised at how non-chalantly they would write me off like that after all my loyal years.
Now, i am merely waiting for my lock-in period to expire before I downgrade and shift the majority of my business to another network, which i hope will show me more value.

P.S. Nice blog, Pres! You're on my list! Cheers, sir!

eatership said...

HI Jasper. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I think Globe's treatment of your account runs counter to every marketing notion I know. It's odd how they don't know how to keep their loyal clients with them. I'm sure when you were given a Platinum account, plans were not as cheap as they are now. Now that their plans have gone down, they should also have adjusted the requirements for Platinum members to reflect the decrease in plan prices.


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