Friday, September 30, 2011

YAY!!! Sassy Lawyer and MarketMan made it to Saveur's Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food Blogs!!!

On September 18, 2011, I wrote a tribute blog to MarketMan and The Sassy Lawyer a.k.a. Connie Santiago-Veneracion, two Filipino blogs that I read and admire. 

Yesterday, Saveur Magazine, which describes itself as "a magazine for people who experience the world food first," featured the same two bloggers on its annual list of global blogs that they like, saying, 

"Here at, we spend lots of time reading food blogs — and it's no surprise that we've found smart, gastronomically-inclined bloggers in virtually every country on earth. These writers are committed to celebrating regional recipes, restaurants, techniques, and ingredients; we draw on their sites as culinary guides to everyday life in specific places all over the globe. (We're also moved by how many region-specific sites are written by expats who maintain a connection with their homeland through food: Korean cooks living in Australia, Greek cooks living in the Netherlands, Indian cooks living in Peru, and more.) 

"These 55 blogs comprise our must-read list in the international food blogging community, but surely there are more. Share your favorites with us in the comments. — The Editors."

I am so happy for Market Man and Connie (sorry guys, we are on first-name basis. We went to law school together, after all, Connie being a year younger than me). They deserve this added accolade: they write well, they know what they write about, and you can read from their blogs that they have an unmatched passion for life, expressed through food.

And kudos to me, for one-upping Saveur by two weeks!

Yeah. You know it. I'm gloating ;-)


Connie said...

Thanks, Joel. But the fact that your picked the two of us out before Saveur did makes you at par with Saveur standards. You are a bloody GENIUS. hehehehehe MWAH!

Anonymous said...

congrats eatership! so where the hell is your adsense? I still don't see it...

Marketman said...

Hello... you are allowed to gloat... your selection was almost psychic in nature... :) Many thanks and happy blogging!

Joel Alinas-Nunez said...

OMG!!! It's one thing to get a comment from sassylawyer because we've been friends for more than 20 years, but I am a complete stranger to marketman. Thanks to both of you! I am not worthy!


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