Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Who started this trend? Where did this start? When? Researched online but nothing came up, only what it is about.

Never thought of joining this trend, until yesterday. I was collating videos and photos from the Centennial of the UP College of Law, which will be placed in a time capsule in the Malcolm Walk. In the process, I came across some interesting old photos.

So, here's my contribution to #ThrowbackThursday:

This was way back in the day when I was still an active Manila Jaycee. I went to Luneta's Chinese Garden to support the project of Vernes Go and Jeff Lao's Baby Jaycee Group. Here with us are guests from the Macajalar Jaycees. I did not reset the date on my camera, and I'm sure this was not taken on January 1, 1998. Vernes? Any leads? 

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